Custom Cactus


Custom Cactus can provide you with a fine selection of unique and different cactus and succulents, as well as answer your questions about care and nurturing of your own "pet"!

Custom Cactus is located in Northern Colorado and specializes in custom designer cactus and unique and unusual specimens of many different cacti and succulents.

We also offer the "Pet Cactus".....complete with instructions and guarantee for the novice or lonely...;-)

Custom Cactus also offers a re-potting service, using our plants or yours as well as our pots or yours!

Custom Cactus will make housecalls........!

Call 303-776-3007

or 303-579-2979

for appointments and information.



Web Orders

For our "out of town" (;-) WWW Visitors, we offer cuttings and pre-packaged kits with cuttings and everything you need to start your very own cacti-guy.

Contact the Order Department to order your Custom Cactus today!

Below is the current list of available cuttings and graphics of full grown specimens:

Euphorbia trigona, also called African Milk Tree.
Opuntia sublata, also known as Eve's Pincushion.
Euphorbia tirucali, often called the Pencil Succulent.
Cereus peruvianus, a columnar cactus.

@@@@@ Ask about our weekly specials! @@@@@


We are running a special this month to celebrate the new website:

Bowiea sp., also called Ornamental Onion. Long flowing thin green leaves which produces a white and yellow composite flower head on a stalk up to three feet in length. Free with $20 purchase
Mother and Child, a semi-broadleaf succulent that produces "child" plants along the entire border of each leaf. It can grow up to 6 feet high. Free with $10 purchase


If you would like more information on Custom Cactus, or would like to visit our greenhouse, .....Contact us at: